Green Sweep Features

All Electric. Just Unplug And Go.
Unlike a regular sweeper, the Green Sweep all electric sweeper has electric motors that require liitle to no maintenance. You never have to worry about running out of gas or regular maintenance items like oil changes. And because it's electric, people won't even notice your there. No loud diesel engines. Just the whisper quiet hum.

40" Main Broom
Big enough to clean wide patches like walkways and private roads yet small enough to fit where everything else can't.

22" Side Broom
The side broom will make sure you get it all. Perfect to sweep and pickup garbage and litter along the curbside.

High Capacity - Fully Contained Bin
The Green Sweeps high capacity bin can hold 8000 lbs, lift and dump up to 1500 lbs - and keep it all inside. No more dust and debris when making it clean.

Perfect Garbage Bin Dump
No need to go to the dump. Just back up to a dumpster, flip a switch - and your done. With it's easily removable cover switching from sweeping to hauling is a breeze.

Light Weight
Wether your a school and need to hook up to an electric cart, or a small business owner with a small or full size pickup truck, the Green Sweep is a light weight streetsweeper that easy to attach, and even easier to tow. When you've completed your task, detach and store.

Built-In Inverter = Retractable, Portable Power!
Take your AC power plug with you anywhere you go. With a heavy duty 50' retractable extension cord, all that power becomes accesible to complete whatever task is at hand!

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